Goals For 2020

Many of us reflect on 2019 as we begin 2020.  This is a wonderful time to think about all the amazing memories you have shared with friends, family, co-workers and on life. Take a look at 2019 and notice how over the year you have grown with the difficult times that may have come your way. Ask yourself has everything that has happened moved you forward in the right direction. If the year has moved you forward that is fantastic, however if there are some parts of your life that has moved you away from your dreams then you need to re-establish your goals and create the life you imagine.

Goal setting is very powerful and starting the new year and evaluating your goals can help with what you want in your life. It helps us focus on our desires and keeps us organized and motivated.

For 2020 make goals starting today, be sure they are attainable, keep them realistic and be clear and specific. Write your goals in a clear and in a direct manner, focus on what needs to happen to achieve the goals. Ask yourself do you feel the goal is achievable and what actions are required to require this goal?  It is important to be realistic to obtain it, does it feel you can achieve it and it is ‘real’ or something that is too far out of reach?

Always start your goals in a statement that you have already achieved it, rather than wanting and wishing for it. This will create a totally different view on the goal, also change the wording to a more positive statement. If you have many goals, take the one that is a priority to you first and work with that so you don’t feel overwhelmed and it directs your attention to the most important goal.

Be crystal clear when writing goals and have them in a place you can track them or see them, could be in a journal or on a wall.  You can create pictures and statements on a vision board that remind you of your goals. Or, you can simply list them as goals in a journal or write them down on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Do what feels right for you and what works best.

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