How To Stay Positive

Stay focused and appreciate what you are grateful for in your life. Make it a practice of looking for positive things. This does not have to be big things, can be everyday small things. The more you focus on these, the easier it will become. 

Get into a habit of writing a list 5 grateful things or more daily and writing next to each one why you are grateful for them.  When doing a gratitude journal it has been proven to boost your levels in happiness. 

Be kind and give compliments to people as often as you can, especially those that are helping you in any way. When doing this you will be giving off great energy and vibration. You will start to see how people are responding to you in a better way. 

Take time to relax everyday and let your mind wonder to all the successes and accomplishments you have had. They can be when you first rode your bike, or had a part in a play at school, when you passed your driving test etc… Write them all down daily, it will help raise your vibration and increase feelings of joy and success. By doing this it takes you away from what you don’t have and shifts your focus on being happy. 

Take walks in nature and look around, I mean really look… See the trees, the buds, the grass, the birds, rocks, flowers etc… When connecting to nature you will feel grounded and more in the present. Stay away from technology such as phones when you are with nature, this will help you stay in the present.

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