Sacred Herbs

Sacred Herbs

The Power of Healing

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Sacred Herbs

The burning (or smudging) of Sage has been a powerful cleansing technique used by many aboriginal cultures across North America. Many Cultures across the globe have used Lavender as well as Frankincense and Myrrh to cleanse their environment. Our Sacred Herbs contains not only pure white Buffalo Sage but also Lavender, frankincense and Myrrh which make it an incredibly powerful smudging blend.

The Sacred Herbs include the following:

  • White Buffalo Sage – The smoke from burning sage has been known to bless, cleanse and heal the environment
  • Frankincense – Since ancient times Frankincense and Myrrh were considered to be more valuable than gold or gems. Frankincense is believed to help cleanse and protect the soul
  • Myrrh – It has been believed that myrrh can help create a sense of clarity and truth
  • Lavender – The lavender flowers and buds help to create a much deeper and truly tranquil sense of calm, peace and love in your environment.

Sacred herbs being a blend of all 4 components create a very powerful Smudging blend. To learn more about how to Smudge please click on this link!