Advantages of Smiling

How do we respond when someone smiles at us? We probably respond back with a smile. This makes us feel happier too. Whether from friends, partners, coworkers, or strangers, genuine smiles are infectious and create a wonderful feeling inside, making you happier.

Smiles evoke positive emotions of happiness, joy, and pleasure. Did you know studies show even newborns can interpret facial expressions with great precision?

Studies have also examined a group of elderly patients and their responses to the facial expressions of health-care providers. When the caregivers’ facial expressions were perceived as warm, caring, concerned, and empathetic, the patients felt more satisfied and their physical and mental well-being improved. The opposite was the case when the caregivers’ nonverbal communications distanced them from patients.

When you smile you also do yourself a favour. It helps increase your confidence and happiness and reduces feelings of stress. Frowning, by comparison, may have the opposite effect. So, smile more often! :)

Areas of Focus

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