Daxa Chauhan found healing through her own personal suffering, when battling fibromyalgia and depression years ago. Her journey hasn't been easy, and through her pain she became a highly skilled Reiki Master Teacher, Transformational Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of clients from around the world, and ensures that all her teachings work to not only help clients heal, but grow as a person. 

Daxa and her husband Hemant founded “The Power of Healing” in 2016, a small business dedicated to creating natural healing products. Daxa focuses on her healing services, Hemant manages our products, and their son Neal creates our graphics and updates our website. Daxa aims to bring her clients emotional, physical, and spiritual peace, and help them live their lives to the fullest.

She loves sharing her philosophy and has been a guest speaker on Television, Radio Shows, Universities, Hospitals, Corporate events and helped with Police Investigations. Daxa was also the former Director at the Canadian Reiki Association. 

To book an appointment or request more information, please call 416-970-1965 or email daxa@thepowerofhealing.ca