A client of Daxa's once asked her if “there was an alternative to burning Sage" she could use in her office. Surprised, neither Daxa or I knew of a single suitable alternative. This was the Eureka moment for our business.

As an Engineer and Reiki Master myself, I immediately started looking for ways to accomplish this ambitious feat. After traveling the world with my wife to understand how other cultures used nature’s gifts to cleanse their environments, we developed a unique blend of essential oils that could be used for cleansing the environment around you... Reiki Mist was born!

The company was founded by my wife and I in early 2016. Daxa focuses on her healing services, I manage our products, and my son Neal creates our graphics and runs our website. We never thought our small business would grow to sell products in amazing stores like Whole Foods Market across Canada and the USA, and we're so fortunate to bring them to you with this website.

Our mantra is simple- “With every product used by our customers, we are changing the world to be a better place”.


Daxa, Hemant, Neal, and Nikhil.