It is important to know where we are going in life. However, what is really important is the journey you are taking and the steps you are taking right now. Practicing mindfulness is simple and does not have to be complicated. Be aware of your breath and what is going on around you in the present moment. The more you do this, the more things will become clear and the benefits will unfold.

Instead of focusing so much on the goal you want to achieve and losing touch with what you are doing right now to get there, or instead of rushing through your activities without being really attentive, create a mental environment that is harmonious and peaceful with clarity in your mind.

When practicing mindfulness it is important to be ourselves and to be in the present. We will overcome any self-conscious fears, struggles or worries about the opinions others may have on us and we can become more relaxed and engaged within ourselves.

Here is a quick exercise you can do to be mindful. It's a quick meditation you should do daily. With practice it will become easier.

  • Set some time aside daily where you will not be interrupted. Switch off your phone, TV and anything else that may distract you.
  • Sit comfortably however you wish. It does not have to be cross-legged. Make sure your back is straight.
  • Light a candle if you can.
  • Close your eyes and observe your breathing. Do not change your breath... just breath and observe each breath as it comes in and out. Repeat several times.
  • Many thoughts may come up and take your attention away. Do not let that bother you. If this happens, observe them, do not fight them. Let them go, and come back to focusing on your breathing.
  • Practice this simple exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes daily in the morning before you begin your day. As you get comfortable doing this exercise you may want to increase the length of time.

Areas of Focus

  • Letting go of the Past

  • Relationship Issues

  • Career Growth

  • Reaching your Goals

  • Inspiration and Motivation

  • Spirituality

  • Personal Development

  • Healthy Living

  • Self Esteem

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