Never Settle For Less

Never settle for less than you deserve with anything in life. You should always value yourself. Set high standards for who you associate with, including friends, partners, coworkers etc.

Never expect to achieve perfection but never give up in your pursuit of achieving the perfect life you dream of. Set high standards for yourself and your achievements will be especially satisfactory and your rewards will be greater than the risks.

The world is full of different men and women – you should never feel like you are stuck in a relationship. Women often sell themselves short because they don't realize how much more is out there waiting for them. Don't sell yourself short! Go out and start meeting people and expanding your horizon.

You have to control the relationship and you have to keep moving forward. The one in control of the relationship holds all the cards and is the one that can either end it or speed it up. When you control the pace of the relationship, you have established yourself as the one with value. If you can remain emotionally unattached from the outcome of the relationship, you will practically have him eating out of your hand.

When it comes to friendship, never settle for less. If it feels like a friend doesn't care and doesn't act like a friend should, then you can do better for yourself. Life is about being cheerful, which attracts new friendships into your life. The moment you settle for what you have is the moment you decide to stop growing. Have variety in your life. The only way you will find quality friends is by meeting many people. Otherwise you will be stuck with whomever you settle for.

Always aim to look better and never settle, never be just satisfied with your appearance or else you will let things like your diet and personal hygiene slip away. In order to look your best, you can never settle for less by following other people's expectations. The only expectations that matter are your own.

Happiness is not about perfection but about progress. When you have a goal and you constantly move toward that goal, then life is fulfilling. Stop along the way to smell the roses, embrace the journey and enjoy it. Remember, to have progress, you must make constant changes!

Areas of Focus

  • Letting go of the Past

  • Relationship Issues

  • Career Growth

  • Reaching your Goals

  • Inspiration and Motivation

  • Spirituality

  • Personal Development

  • Healthy Living

  • Self Esteem

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