What is Grounding?

All Reiki practitioners, psychics and spiritual workers should ground themselves.  Grounding is an ability to control psychic energies that flow through you and give you the ability to stay in the present moment, in the here and now. If you are not grounded your thoughts will tend to wander away and you can easily start thinking of other things, not being in the present.

When you consciously think of being grounded your focus will be on the present. When grounding yourself, you will simply release energies from your body that are not needed. You can do this just by intention. Energy will follow your thoughts –  just think about releasing the unwanted energies with intention.

Here are a couple of very simple methods to ground yourself.

You can visualize roots growing from your feet going down to the deep core of the earth. As you are doing this see unwanted energy move through the roots of your feet and down into the ground. Just by doing this easy technique you should feel grounded. Take your time and do not rush.

I love to hug trees –  they are very grounding. You can do this anytime, just hug a tree, and intend to release the unwanted energies. The tree will do the rest for you. You may even feel the deep peaceful connection to the tree when you hug it.

It’s also good to shield yourself with white light daily. This will separate you from the rest of the world's energies and protect you.

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