Home & Business Energy Cleansing

Home & Business Energy Cleansing

I often get phone calls from people who have just moved into a residence and don't feel quite at home. They move things around, redecorate, but an uneasy feeling still remains.

Entrepreneurs also complain of a stagnant feeling while on their property. Clearing the energy around their business do wonders to help uplift the mode of them and their customers.

Using a combination of Sage, Reiki Mist, and other healing modalities, I work to clear the stagnant and negative energy within your home or business. This process takes only a few hours, and can be performed any time that's most convenient for you or your customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the positive benefits of energy clearing?

Many people see an immediate difference in their level of positivity after a house clearing.

What events can cause a buildup of negative energy?

Arguments, anger, stress, and sadness can cause a buildup of negative energy. This energy can accumulate over time, and linger in a space even after a change of ownership.

Why is it necessary to clear energy in a business?

Just like your home, your business holds energy. Customers and clients can feel that energy when they enter your space.