Home & Business Energy Cleansing

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When you are clearing your property, you are clearing your life.

There are many reasons why you may need a house/property clearing. Negative energy can build-up within your home or business due to events like:

  • Arguments

  • Violence

  • Drug use

  • Relationship issues

  • A Feeling of stagnant energy in your home

  • Feeling uncomfortable when going to certain parts of your home

  • Nothing working out

  • Business not flowing

  • Remove energy of previous owner of property

  • Unhappy Business customers!

Perhaps the above negative energy were present before you purchased your property, or the property may have been built in an area that is surrounded by negative energy fields. As business owners, your customers may bring their negative energy with them.

This impacts your family members, business staff, customers, and even pets.

The most common phone calls I receive are from people who have just moved into a residence and began to feel disturbing negative energy or they just feel something is not right in their home.  You may move things around, redecorate, but still feel an uneasy feeling remains. Businesses too complain of stagnant business growth and unhappy staff or customers - these too could be related to poor energy. 

Why Is This?

  • It could be that the previous owner’s energy is still in the home.

  • This energy could involve pain, suffering, regret, and other negative emotions.

  • Someone passed away many years ago (that you do not know) and their energy is still in the home you purchased.

  • Your home has had turmoil such as a divorce and continuous arguments.

  • Customers leaving their worries, stresses, and anxieties at your business premises.

Clearing and cleansing these energies can refresh your home. Sometimes you may want to bring in positive clear energy:

  • Prior to bringing a new baby home

  • Having a happy event

  • Celebrations (birthdays)

  • Weddings

  • Graduations


Why is it necessary to clear energy when purchasing a New Home?

When purchasing a new home you may wish to remove all the negative energies of the previous home owners or during the construction phase.

Very often the negative energy of people may be ‘stuck’ in the home and there is no way ‘to get it out,’ no matter how much you clean it.


Why is it necessary to clear energy in a business?

Your business holds energy! Some is good and some not-so-good!

Although you can’t see energy you can “sense” it. For example, you may have walked into a beautiful space but got the sense that something didn’t feel quite right. Perhaps you have been in rooms that may not have been beautifully decorated but somehow felt “right”. In both scenarios you were probably sensing the “energy” of the room.

People often use the terms “clear the air”, “this doesn’t have a good vibe”, or “you could cut the tension with a knife”. These typical expressions describe the intuitive feelings you experience when certain places do not have a good vibration, energy, or feel.




What are the positive benefits of energy clearing?

  • Enhance your home and your office by creating a sacred space on your property

  • When moving into your new home, begin with the cleanest, positive energy you can have, providing a warm, safe, comfortable feeling

  • House clearings can help sell the house and improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically

  • Many people see an immediate difference after a house clearing as it becomes filled with positive energy. Often you will experience an improvement in relationships, finances, and health issues


Taking charge of your home

Your home should be your haven, however it is also a place where we can release a lot of negative emotions. Think about all the negative people around you, who may also be ‘contributing’ towards this energy. 

I use my own products along with California white sage that is blessed for clearing, powerful symbols to protect your home, and rock salt to clear the inside outside of your house. This will protect your home and fill it with love, peace, and harmony.

For more information, please call 416-970-1965 or email daxa@thepowerofhealing.ca