Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

The Crystal Healing workshop is specifically designed to teach you how to use the power of crystals.

The course will focus on the different types of crystals and how to utilize the energy and vibration of crystals. The course will also teach you how to create and develop a relationship with these amazing natural stones and how to program them. During the workshop you will have an opportunity to practice how to give a crystal healing treatment and much more in a hands-on environment.

This workshop is specifically designed to help you with:

  • Energy and vibration of crystals
  • How to select crystals
  • Programming crystals
  • Different techniques of crystal healing for clients
  • Spiritual expansion
  • Crystal grids

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a gift box of assorted crystals, a student manual, and a certificate of completion. 

Students will be provided a 45-minute virtual lunch break.