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What is a Healing Circle Meditation?

Along with the question “What is meditation?” you may also wonder, “What benefits can be experienced by using meditation regularly?” There are a variety of benefits that have been linked with the regular practice of meditation. Meditation can bring about healing of both the body and the mind by using deliberation of thought and consideration. There are various physical benefits that can be experienced when meditation is made to be a part of daily life. Some physical benefits of meditation include a decrease in blood pressure and an improvement in breathing due to the increase of air flow that gets to the lungs. Those who use meditation regularly also find that their resting heart rate is lower as well, which takes some of the stress off the heart. Chemicals in the body that are associated with stress are lowered as well, which leads to less anxiety.

Meditation simply means awareness. Whatever we do with awareness is meditation. “Watching breath” is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, you will get the benefits of meditation.

More completely, meditation is “a cessation of thought process or ignoring the thoughts.” Meditation is an approach that one can use to help cope with medical problems, stress, and anxiety by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection.


The Benefits of Meditation

One of the most important benefits of meditation is the release of stress from our body. If meditation is practiced regularly it will lead you to a deeper level of relaxation and contemplation. If you want to be free from constant worry, strain and stress, the meditation benefits can give you a life that is calm, peaceful, happy and relaxed.

  • 15 – 20 minutes of meditation a day will alleviate stress from your life.
  • Meditation increases serotonin which influences mood and behaviour. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, headaches and insomnia.
  • Meditation creates a state of deep relaxation and general feeling of well-being.
  • One of the greatest benefits of meditation is learning to go with the flow and things that used to irritate you before simply become insignificant.
  • Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state that promotes healing. The mind becomes fresh, delicate and beautiful.


With regular practice of meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more energy. This gives you joy, peace, enthusiasm because the level of energy in the body increases. The benefits of meditation are endless and certainly deserve your contemplation and consideration. Many successful people from the business sector, celebrities and sports professionals practice meditation and enjoy the benefits of meditation. Numerous businesses promote and provide assistance to their staff with the benefits of meditation courses and because of this they gain an advantage over their competitors and create more profit. 


Do I have to sit in a lotus position?

Not at all, you need to be able to be comfortable when you meditate. While some may be used to sitting in a lotus position, it is not necessary. It is best that you use a position that you are accustomed to, e.g. sitting in a chair.


Will my mind go absolutely blank?

Your mind was created to hold and manipulate your thoughts. Struggling to reach a state where you have absolutely no thoughts goes against its purpose and is usually a major frustration in those trying to mediate for the first time. You will be able to give your mind a rest. Meditation will help your mind to experience wonderful, calming moments that positively affect the very health of your spirit.


With meditation you will discover the easiest way to dramatically increase your inner peace and happiness.

Did you know that people who meditate are much happier, healthier and live longer than those who don’t? When you meditate deeply, you produce a fountain of pleasurable chemicals and hormones which make you feel blissful and exquisitely happy.


Meditation Classes

Classes are held regularly in a relaxing environment, with calming music. I will do a different guided meditation each class. Also, individualised attention is given so that your questions and concerns can be addressed.

Each session consists of breathing exercises and meditation.

  • Decrease Stress / Anxiety
  • Cure Phobias & Obsessive Thoughts
  • Rejuvenate Your Confidence
  • Relieve Feelings Of Depression
  • Improve Concentration & Focus
  • Increase Motivation
  • Heal Addictive Traits
  • Experience Improved Relationships
  • Solve Many Sleep Problems
  • Help People Who Suffer Panic Attacks
  • Helps with Anti-inflammatory
  • Increased Immunity
  • Increased Fertility
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • etc.

Meditation is also completely FREE! It requires no special equipment, and is not complicated to learn. Best of all, meditation has NO negative side effects. Bottom line, there is nothing but positive results to be gained from it! With such a huge list of benefits, the question you should ask yourself is, “Why am I not meditating yet?” Make sure you meditate; there are quite simply too many positives to just ignore it.


This is a huge opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth!

Meditation can remove stress and replace it with inner peace. It is one of the best tools to balance our emotions, help with physical and psychological distress, promote inner peace and bring stillness in mind, body and spirit. It can be difficult to meditate without an instructor because it requires effort. I will be doing a guided meditation (please see date below) for the group so that you can follow it calmly and peacefully, and enjoy the relaxation at the same time.

The group is open to anyone with an interest in spiritual development, meditation, energy healing, Reiki or general wellness. You do not have to be familiar with any of these topics. This group is so you can meet like-minded people, share your thoughts, ideas and experiences related to these topics and have a wonderful evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please bring a friend to the Meditation & Healing Circle, so they too can experience a wonderful relaxing evening of meditation and healing.

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