Vision Board Creation

Vision Board Creation

Goal Setting & Vision Board Creation

Sunday, January 7, 2023 (In Person - Mississauga)
10am – 2pm

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This workshop is a powerful process designed to clarify your goals and map out "Your Vision into Reality." This is not your average vision board workshop. We will be doing visualization meditations, goal setting, and raising your vibration to achieve your real intentions.

Creating a vision board is a powerful visualization practice.
Did you know visualization is used by Olympic athletes, Oscar-winning actors, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and more to help improve their performance.

What we focus our attention on grows! Taking the time to create a vision board can change your life!

The more you can see and think about what you want, the more your brain becomes aware of the opportunities for you to achieve them. You literally can rewire your brain for success. A vision board gives your mind clear goals on what to focus on and achieve. It creates a pathway for you.

This class is a lot of fun and an enlightening way to scope out your goals.
To make the experience even more memorable, invite a friend and let's make it a special event, solidifying your future desire.

Create a vision of what you want in the future.

Studies show the majority of resolutions are never achieved. Vision Boards are a powerful step in the process of clarifying your goals and mapping your vision into reality.

Vision boards are a lot of fun, and an enlightening way to scope out your goals for the new year. Use a variety of images, phrases, and words that appeal to you this year. To make the experience even more memorable, invite a friend and make it a special afternoon of solidifying your desire for the future!

If you can, please bring five or more magazines to virtual class:

  • Magazines with big, bold images and titles
  • Magazines that align with your goals for the year
  • Celebrity gossip magazines
  • Travel magazines
  • Magazines with wedding, fashion, home pictures, etc.