About Daxa

I found healing for my own personal suffering, both physical and emotional pain, through Reiki, Hypnosis and being Mindful. Although my journey had been difficult through my pain I became a highly skilled Energy Healer, Reiki Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Past Life Regressionist. I have been blessed and fortunate to have helped several hundred clients from Mississauga and the GTA over the years – who have had excellent results!

I am extremely passionate and experienced in my work and have healed many clients through Reiki, Hypnosis and Mindfulness Coaching. I also am a Law of Attraction Practitioner, so with my sessions I will teach you to think positive and create the life you deserve. I enjoy yoga and meditation and continue to learn new skills to help heal others. My goal is to bring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual peace to your everyday life! I am especially passionate about helping my clients live their lives to the fullest. I offer many courses and workshops including “Transform your Life and Manifest Your dreams” which has transformed so many people’s lives. I also love sharing my philosophy and have been a guest speaker at Wellness shows, McMaster University, Hospitals and Corporate events. I am also registered and an active member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

My focus is to help clients heal and cope with physical and mental pain. I am extremely passionate and experienced in my work and have healed many clients. As a Certified Life Coach in Stress Management I will also teach you to think positively and create the life you deserve.

I incorporate many healing modalities: Home Energy Cleansing, Meditation, Distant Healing, Crystals, Axitonal alignment, etc. By finding the body’s natural state of balance and effectively reducing toxins, stress and anxiety, the body, mind, and spirit can heal. There are no side effects from any of my healings and benefits are huge for all mental, emotional, and physical issues. Positive thinking and staying in the now (so the mind has no chatter) is also taught to regain perfect health back to the client.

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