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The Power of Healing

Om Shanti Om

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My healing journey began when I reached a low point mentally, emotionally, and physically. during this stage of my life, I found that I could heal myself through Meditation, Reiki and Mindfulness. as a stress management consultant and energy healer, I have helped many discover inner peace and stillness.

The mediation chant on this CD has been created in collaboration with Michael Moon to bring great depths of calmness, so you can experience complete relaxation of the mind, body, and soul.



TEST - Clears Negative Energy

Lavender - Rest and Relaxation

Juniper - Calming Properties

Frankincense - Reduces Anxiety

Cedar - Clearing the Mind

Himalayan Salt - Detoxification

How to use

Shake well and spray frequently to clear negative energy or stagnant around you.


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